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buying a home New Home on Your Mind? 5 Quick Tips to Make You a 5-Star Buyer! We’ve all heard it, right? A lack of homes available for sale is the talk of the town here in our local real estate market. This low inventory song has been singing for quite some time, and I totally understand how exhausting buyer life can feel right now… but I’m super excited to share with […]
buying a home Thinking of Selling your Home This Spring? Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Answer Should Be #YAAAS! 1. Demand is High. Nearly all of my current buyers are competing in multiple offer situations, and when I say multiple, I mean mul.ti.ple. Let me tell you, our local market is hotter than hot, and buyers are out in full force, ready, willing, and able to purchase! 2. Competition is Low. We’re seeing available […]
buying a home Whose Equity Do You Want to Build: Your’s, or Your Landlord’s? Feeling super passionate about this topic as rent rates continue to rise, (and it’s no secret that, based on historical data, they will continue to increase overall as our years progress.) If you’re currently renting, or considering moving in that direction,  you should most definitely read on! As a previous renter, I completely understand the […]
Interest Rates Got Buyer Fatigue? 2019 Brings Hope! It’s no secret that in our local market, low inventory and rising home prices, combined with increasing interest rates made it pretty challenging for buyers in 2018. Well, I’m here to excitedly share that 2019 brings much hope, especially for those who may be feeling jaded by the fatigue that 2018 brought. Throughout 2018 until […]
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